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The Lady and the Library [Unfinished] :iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 1 0
Account of a Wariror
Disclaimer: What the fuck am I doing with my life I have essays and shit to write lmao
There was once a man whom we shall refer to as the Warrior. Now, the Warrior was
a man whom it seemed Nature had taken an especial interest in. She, in her unknowable, otherworldly logic, deemed it necessary to test the Warrior in every way she
could. He was a man of many talents; his arts of bloodshed were many, deadly and widely feared by those who knew of him. His arts of craft were, in their roughshod
way, far surpassing of his peers. One could fill a book with descriptions of his acts of charity, his solidarity with those he named as friends and his heroism in
adversity's shadow. However, this story, as short and jagged as it is, must deal with the Warrior's efforts in a much more delicate matter.
First, however, let us see his journey.
The brute's arms dropped slowly to its sides as its tiny brain registered the infromation that it was dead. Its highly impractical but large axe fe
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 2
Scrawls upon scrawls of words flickered on the screen, the final three lines indicating the last stages of boot-up were beginning. In the pale blue light of the monitor that he had jury-rigged up to the salvaged piece of machinery, the Scavenger whistled tunelessly to himself while he awaited the actual start-up of the machine.
Shining his crude, LED torch on the machine, he could see even now that it needed significant repairs if he was going to sell it on. Several of the outer serial ports were bust and the power supply crackled dangerously with electricity unchecked by neither fuse nor transistor. He ran his hand down the side of the machine's shell and felt a sharp sting as power used him as an earthing conduit. Luckily, his illicit cybernetics helped in this regard by limiting the level of current rushing through him and he was not reduced to char for his error.
He glanced back at the scre
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 0 0
Infernal: An Ode to Passions
Infernal: An Ode to Passion
I: The Prologue:
My beaten heart's cased with ice,
My quaking mind afrozen,
O Beloved,
And my sweating palms shake sclerotic,
For fear of holding you.
II: The Passion:
In that horrid Labyrinth,
The cagement of my dreams,
I was enfeared of Erebus' eyes;
Their dank, Stygian gaze so piercing,
And my dreams to such chains were bound.
But one night, a bright night,
Wrapped in Nyx's shawl,
Something fearful shattered the
Daedalic masterpiece of my mind.
T'was a Six-Wing Seraph of Flame;
A formless Hurricane of Fire;
Elemental, furious, unfettered and unchallenged,
A Titan birthed from the womb of Aphrodite which
Shattered my rotten trappings and
Flung me into freedom.
Never had my heart been so broken
And never had I suffered so,
When this Helios of Love
Leapt atop and marshalled
The Flaming Chariot-Wreck of my Heart.
In such a self-destructive act,
The flames of wrack as nothing besides
And, incandescent in victory,
You welded my gaping wounds shut.
And that, o l
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 0 0
No. 1
Love's avatar hath seen fit to appear!
Man such as thee was not made of Dust,
Though nor would brazen Fire, whimsical Air
Or the coyest Water be quite enough.
Thus I plagiarize ancient Spenser;
He and I are found in joyous accord:
I must find a matter beyond censure
And only the Heavens could suit my Lord.
To I, you are the compass by which my
Life-course is set; you are my fixe'd mark
In the skies of passion through which we soar,
To guide me through the sullen, sultry dark.
I grant I've never seen an Angel fly,
But you are my God; without you I'd die.
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 1 2
The Chronicle of Diego d'Empio
Imagine a corpse.
It lies in its tomb, marble and alabaster all surrounding. Its place of rest is grand, much grander than that of its life. Statues of Athenian greats peer down, their white faces wrinkled and creased, while friezes of the worthies of Rome tumble, spiral, fight and struggle round and round the sarcophagus of our subject. The sarcophagus itself is a simple affair, it seems. Lain on a plinth in the centre of this mausoleum of ages, it is a truncated kite made of dark wood (Mahogany, perhaps?) and bound with silver hinges in the shapes of leaves and flowers. On its top surface is the golden cruciform sign of Christianity, inlaid with the name of the occupant. Unfortunately, time and the stress of years has eroded the cross, and the name upon it is illegible. Step closer, though, and you will see something quite odd about the coffin. Its hinges, though surely just as old as the coffin proper, seem oiled and well preserved. Surely a triumph of Renaissance workmanship! Howev
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 4
You Do Not Know
You do not know what is happening.
Your head rests on your pillow as you say goodbye to your family.
The chair's straps dig into your wrists as you thrash madly, the electrodes on your temples cold and sticky and the needle pushed against your wrist the epitome of dread.
Your comrades' frantic yelling dissolves into meaningless mush as more bullets smash into you, driving you back against the Helmand village's wall.
You don't even have the strength to raise your arm as the merciless sun bakes your body to bones, the expedition that should have made your fortune having resulted in nothing but your death.
You do not know where you are.
The moon's pale gaze winks slyly down at you, the stars sighing into the void as the drugs take hold.
The wall you clutch grows fuzzy and soft as the city's sights fade to black.
The waters filling your lungs simply don't exist; your pounding blood feels like pure joy, immersed in your private sea of ecstasy.
A thousand places blur into vision as your mind
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 4
Who is the Grandest Magus?
The Invoker strode down the lane, the denizens of the Dire's lands scurrying after him, chittering and chattering in their own strange tongue. When they bumped into his back he glared back at them with murder in his Exort-charged eyes. They backed off slightly when he did, slowing their progress. Eventually they realized that they could walk around him and sprinted past him, swords held aloft. They charged into battle with their Radiant counterparts, all leaves and flowers where the Dire was bone and rock, and the Invoker set about his harvest.
He raised his hands and gestured to the air thrice, murmuring “Exort” with each motion. Three orange spheres of flame orbited him, empowering him to destroy. One of the Radiant creeps stumbled back, heavily wounded, and the Invoker threw a small bolt of blue-white-orange fire at him. The thing was thrown back bodily as the projectile smashed into it, and Invoker heard the tinkling of gold, somewhere.
“Insipid,” He spat, a
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 4
A Craving
All day and every day,
I crave few things earthly
But you.
And all night and every night,
I want for the everything
That is you.
I miss you so, my darling,
Though we have not met.
I long for your closeness; your hands
In my hair entwined.
Every night, Luna wax-wanes but I- I- I,
I toss and turn in fevered want of
Your flesh, your body, against mine.
But such things desired soon away do fade,
And leave me cold and lonesome, your absence;
A blade.
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 2
For You -
There was evening chill on the grass
When we finally met.
The sun, half-lidded, sunk lower
To set.
Sat in the park, together at last
We embraced in joy, sorrows fallen past.
Quietly, silently,
I vowed never to leave your side,
And you whispered sweet nothings
In my ear. You had tears in your eyes
Of joy, love, rapture.
And for the first time, you leaned in and
Pressed your lips to mine.
My world was like fire,
Blinding, burning, beautiful fire.
The sun dimmed in respect of perfection,
Your body outlined against its reflection.
I felt your tongue, so real,
Slip between my lips and twine,
As love incarnate bore me to Paradise
In your arms.
But alas,
The perfection marred, the image blurred.
I could not feel your hands anymore.
Eyes open, I saw
You vanish, just as
Everything crumbled and I was alone,
Sat weeping in my bed.
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 3 9
not really much to say, now
not really much to write
there isn't much at all
going through my mind.
uninspiration is a terrible thing-
a void of thought is
what else can i say? the music
blares in my ears.
read it back, jack, what
what have you just written, jesus
i don't know what my goal
was when i started    this
but its seems to gone disa
ppear now
i don'tk know im sorry i'll
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 0
Adept Axzan
Tech-Adept Axzan, of the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis
Biologis-Adept Axzan was a Tech-Priest of absolutely no fame whatsoever. Apart from the initiation ceremonies and their occasionally seeing his white robed form hurrying down corridors, his superiors probably had no idea at all that he even existed.
Axzan's job was two-fold, in the forge-temple where he resided on Haephaes-Core. He was, first and foremost, a creator of servitors. His efficiency levels were unheard of, even among the Tech-Priests, and his speed at creating the lobotomised slaves was immense. Sometimes (Although with hindsight, this should have been a warning) he would even manage to create multiple servitors from one man!
Secondly, however, Axzan was a coroner. His Biologis training in anatomy made him a suitable candidate to the role (At a push), and some bureaucrat somewhere had thought, with the logic only a bureaucrat is capable of, that it would be perfect. This duty meant that, in the cramped, dangerous forges o
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 1 2
I hate being angry; it pains
Me when I spit in your eye.
I detest myself when I yell "Fuck off!"
And when fire puts out, I cry.
But for the time being, for the
Few hours of venom'd rage,
I wish I could just break everything
And smash my fists to blood.
A sheaf of paper to shred would be good,
But that's wasteful, you see.
A punching bag to beat would work well,
But that's yet more expense, and why aren't you grateful for what you've got?
Self-harm would just exacerbate the problem,
And it's a stupid thing to do.
Solitude never helps,
you always just come back the same,
And writing your little poems
Just takes up everyone's time.
What now, huh? You feel all sad?
Guilt and remorse begin to slice
Into your heart; clawed with ice,
Irrevocable like a gambler's weighted dice
Fell to the table to place your price
And all this grasping cold drives you mad.
But you've got not right nor reason nor
That w
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 2 4
Mature content
Expeditions and Intrigues - Part 10 - Part 2 :iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 1 0
Ever wished that you could just destroy?
That something would present itself
For raged obliteration?
That there was something small
Something meaningless
Perhaps a book
Or picture
You could
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 4 17
The Gang - Jack - A New Friend
I was walking down a deserted country road, the Gang nowhere in sight, when I came across a lone wizard in a red-and-gold robe.
He looked lonely and slightly angry, so I beckoned him over with a finger. As he drew close, I drew myself up to my full height and pointed at him, proclaming my truth to the world.
“You're a bitch.” I said, and waited for the inevitable counter-attack, to alleviate my boredom.
He, as you can imagine, was not impressed. Wizards don't like being insulted. He spat something at me in Generic Latin-Based Language #24 and lobbed a fireball. I deflected it with utmost ease and continued my insults.
At least, that's what I imagined. In actual fact, his missile smashed me from my feet and left me gently smouldering on the ground, because I had not quite got the counter-spell right. Instead of deflecting his fireball into the harmless distance, it actually increased its power and gave it a frankly distressing odour.
The warlock laughed at me and clic
:iconascendantliche:AscendantLiche 3 10

Random Favourites

Epic Pony Rap Battles Of Equestria 2 by Sonikku001 Epic Pony Rap Battles Of Equestria 2 :iconsonikku001:Sonikku001 49 31 Discord by MylittleSheepy Discord :iconmylittlesheepy:MylittleSheepy 97 28 TASTES LIKE SCIENCE by ZuTheSkunk TASTES LIKE SCIENCE :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk 1,398 203 Mario Fim Cosplay by Mickeymonster Mario Fim Cosplay :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 1,272 240 Snack Peeping by XJKenny Snack Peeping :iconxjkenny:XJKenny 304 45 Chaos by the-Orator Chaos :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 670 21 In The Palm of Discord by Mickeymonster In The Palm of Discord :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 1,561 107 Fluttershy Door Knob Hanger by Thorinair Fluttershy Door Knob Hanger :iconthorinair:Thorinair 507 34 Discord by Anomalia-Magnetica Discord :iconanomalia-magnetica:Anomalia-Magnetica 954 122 Trixie in a straitjacket by sofunnyguy Trixie in a straitjacket :iconsofunnyguy:sofunnyguy 150 29 Pony Marine by TheNornOnTheGo Pony Marine :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 34 23 BattleFriend 3: Assault Dash by Zvn BattleFriend 3: Assault Dash :iconzvn:Zvn 227 60 Cloudsdale Landscape by Zvn Cloudsdale Landscape :iconzvn:Zvn 360 79 Mare Gear Solid by Zvn Mare Gear Solid :iconzvn:Zvn 213 39
Oh, my favourites... A collection of random pieces I have seen over my time here that have caught my fancy.
Rather eclectic, I feel.



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Jack Hargraves/archaic
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am a teenage, British guy currently at Sixth Form. I enjoy writing, though I have next to no talent in it and would love to be able to draw and make music as well. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen.

I also read Homestuck, and totally don't have a crush on Gamzee and Sollux.

I am a beginner fantasy writer in the process of writing what I hope will be a story the length of a small novel, called "Expeditions and Intrigues". I'm quite enjoying it so far.
([Although it's sort of on hold right now])

If any one has Steam or Skype, please do add me. I'd love to talk to MOAR PEOPLEZZ. :3
My Skype Name: monoprismos
My Steam Name: monoprismatika
And then there's my Tumblr, below.
forgot about this thing. guess since im doing a creative writing course i might as well upload some shit i've written that isnt being marked, huh. maybe, maybe not. we'll see i guess. i have like 3000 words of pure shit that needs somewhere to live that isnt my hdd, so maybe that.
w/e, what happens happens.
also i've turned into a pretentious morrowind fan, something something ALMSIVI

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