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Poetry Commissions
These are commissions of verse of any kind, on any subject, in any format.
The commissioner can choose the:

:bulletblack: Length of the poem (up to 5 stanzas)
:bulletblack: Rhyme scheme/layout
:bulletblack: Theme/subject matter (Anything from love to murder and everything in between!)
:bulletblack: Any poetic tropes/memes you wish me to utilize

80 points apparently equals about 0.50 by the way.

Any commission work will be done to my highest standard possible.
I hope to please.
Thank you for reading and I hope you commission me.

EDIT: Money payments may be requested for special poems, and these will be payed through PayPal.

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Random Favourites

Oh, my favourites... A collection of random pieces I have seen over my time here that have caught my fancy.
Rather eclectic, I feel.


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Jack Hargraves/archaic
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
I am a teenage, British guy currently at Sixth Form. I enjoy writing, though I have next to no talent in it and would love to be able to draw and make music as well. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen.

I also read Homestuck, and totally don't have a crush on Gamzee and Sollux.

I am a beginner fantasy writer in the process of writing what I hope will be a story the length of a small novel, called "Expeditions and Intrigues". I'm quite enjoying it so far.
([Although it's sort of on hold right now])

If any one has Steam or Skype, please do add me. I'd love to talk to MOAR PEOPLEZZ. :3
My Skype Name: monoprismos
My Steam Name: monoprismatika
And then there's my Tumblr, below.
Took this from SiftStone (I think thats how you do that)

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Fact 1: I'm bad.

Fact 2: I'm 600% gay

Fact 3: The trench is real.

Fact 4: I'm sort-of maybe nah i'm a pretty bad poet/writer/pretentious asshole.

Fact 5: I work in bread-scented hell.

Fact 6: I used to be a brony as well Sifty. Got boring.

Fact 7: I am ein mann.

Fact 8: I need cute clothes/dresses/hats.

Fact 9: I like animu and mangoes.

Fact 10: Kappa kappa donger kappa.

1) Did you ever know that you're my hero?
Bitch I isin't ur heroe

2) If you watch me, then why?  What convinced you?
I dunno. You're a cool guy. You doesn't afraid of anything.

3) What artist/writer inspires you?
Oscar Wilde
Vladimir Nabokov
Stephen King
J.R.R. Tolkein
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Siegfried Sassoon
Wilfrid Owen
Andrew Hussie

4) How many roads must a man go down before he finds what he's looking for?

5) your name?
archaic the Massive Feeding Scrub.

6) your quest?
To drag all and everyone into the trench, never to see high MMR gaming again.

7) the average land speed of a swallow?

8) Did you get that reference without the help of Google? (be honest)
Why yes, it's almost as if I watch classic British comedy movies.

9) Who is your favorite fanfic author?
Pffft Idk

10) Who is your favorite non-fanfic, actually-published writer?
Hard decision. Maybe Wilde? Possibly Christopher Wood. Idk tho. there's lots.

11) Who was phone?
My girlfriend's dead dad apparently.
  • Watching: PurgeGamers
  • Playing: Doto

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